“…the brightest colors are in the performances – perky Kelly D. Felthous as Gloria, tempestuous Kathleen McElfresh as Gabriella and pugnacious Claire Brownell as Gretchen.”

Slyviane Gold, New York Times

“Kathleen McElfresh (is) extremely likable, sexy and, within the confines of farce, believable.”

Joel Samberg, Hartford Theater Examiner

“Fortunately, Kate Baldwin provides a steady and steely balance to the play as Mary Haines, the Park Avenue wife and mother done wrong by the scheming shopgirl Crystal Allen (a shrewish Kathleen McElfresh), who is having an affair with Mary’s husband.”

Rob Stevens, Theatermania

“…Stephen runs off with scheming salesclerk Crystal (Kathleen McElfresh, with enough va va voom to render Stephen the envy of assembled audience males).”

Bob Verini, Variety

“Elizabeth Bennet, the novel’s heroine, has to sparkle with vivacity and intelligence, and Kathleen McElfresh does just that.”

Dallas Morning News

Among the dinner party guests, Kathleen McElfresh is especially intriguing and hilarious as Picasso’s many female guests, portraying a unique character at each dinner sequence. Her renderings in no way overlap, creating a diversity that gives the performance energy throughout…”

Show Business Weekly

“…and whichever nubile young woman he’s dating at the moment (all of the bubble-headed nymphs are played by the chameleon-like Kathleen McElfresh).”